Learning Portfolio 4 – Item 2

Question 4: Presumed, Reputed, Surface & Earned Credibility

Presumed Credibility is a website based on the general assumption in the users mind. For example, the website en.wikipedia.org is presumed as a credible website, as well as it ends with a domain name .org.

Learning Port.png

Reputed Credibility is based on a third-party endorsement, reports or referrals. For example, the website www.newyorker.com is a reputable website, as well as it has won the webby awards countless of times.


Surface credibility is based on simple first impressions. For example the website www.nab.com.au, NAB is a banking website that is easy to use, updated frequently and professionally designed, having an aesthetic design.


Earned Credibility is based on firsthand experience that extends over time. For example, the website www.google.com is the most popular search engine in the world, it has earned the credibility for how easy it is to use as well as the information given is accurate.



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