Learning Portfolio 4

Question 3: Issues

  • The site has outdated information.
  • The site has way too many ads, making it hard to use.
  • Requiring for you to log in or sign up before using website.
  • Lack of knowledge on Web design doesn’t look professionally designed
  • The site has pop-up ads, with additional settings asking you if you want to leave the page or not.
  • The domain name is recognizable
  • Links are outdated, meaning a link that doesn’t work.
  • Unwanted downloads, meaning the site automatically forces you to download something before use.
  • Forcing you to complete a survey before browsing.
  • Providing links that are credible but redirecting you to an unwanted web page.
  • No photographs or information on organization members of the site.
  • Theft of personal information, while browsing the site.
  • The community-based website, covering reliable sources.
  • Site listing references for each source
  • No Ratings or peer reviews on web page
  • Unrepresented site.
  • Poor use of notification when buying off the site.
  • Poor customer service, meaning very slow or non-existent response
  • The site is difficult to browse around/to use.
  • Paid subscription just to browse the site.
  • Site note letting you view old posts meaning not able to.
  • Not multiplatform available meaning can’t access through phone, tablets, etc.
  • Site has many posts but barely any information to the posts

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