Learning Portfolio 3 – Item 2

Question 4: Examples of Principles of Performance Load

A car is a good example of reduced in performance load since they help kinematic load. Because the physical effort to walk or run to get to one destination to another is no longer present using a car to get to one destination to another.

Learning Portfolio 3.jpg

Another example that suits the principles of performance load is a stopwatch since we don’t have to count out loud or consider about pacing and remember what time we are on. Whereas a stopwatch times it correctly, not worrying if it’s the actual time or not counting it out loud.

Learning Portfolio 3 -2.jpg

A mixer is another good example of reducing performance load. A mixer allows us to mix it electronically handheld or not. Diminishing the physical effort to mix it with a hand or wooden spoon or holding the bowl to mix it in.

Learning Portfolio 3 -3



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