Learning Portfolio 2 – Item 2

Question 2: Examples of Consistency

Example 1 – Road Signs

A good example of internal and external consistency would be the stop sign, it is also a good example of aesthetic and functional consistency. The stop sign is easily recognizable and know, it’s a red pentagon with the word STOP in the middle. It’s consistently used all over the world, every country has the same stop sign a red pentagon with the word STOP in their language or their language and English (Lidwell, Holden & Butler, 2003)


Example 2 – Fast Food Logos

Fast food logos is a good example for aesthetic consistency. For example, the Mcdonald’s logo is consistent everywhere, everyone knows the giant yellow M is Mcdonald’s, Fast food or restaurant chains usually use consistency. This provides customers to get used to the logo and be able to recognize it anywhere as well as to have the same feel, experience in any location (Lidwell, Holden & Butler, 2003)


Example 3 – Compute program Icons

Computer program icons is a good example of functional consistency. For example, google chromes icon or Microsoft word icon on a windows computer or an apple computer, the icons are still the same or very similar. We know how to use computers by the icons, we know where the trash bin is cause it looks like a trash bin, we know how the design functions because it is consistent on every computer, this also means symbol on a web page or program like a question mark we know that symbol functionality is to have a question (Schlatter & Levinson, 2013).





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